Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Flashback - Cathures at the Kibble Monday 16 June

Cathures, at the Kibble Palace, Botanic Gardens

I had to choose between drawing Teenage Fanclub doing a more rocking set, or the gentle atmospheric experience of Cathures, singing choral works from Greig to traditional scottish psalms. My gut feeling went with the silvery setting of light and airy voices in a glass house during a slightly overcast sunset.

Hvad est du dog skjen (How lovely Thou art, yes lovely) from Fire Salmer (Four Psalms) Op. 74 featuring a male soloist was positively exuberant. If that's the right word. I wanted to say lovely, but obviously my vocab is lacking if that's all I can come up with. Exquisite springs to mind too. Katy the conductor has done a very nice job with her singers as the Kibble is a difficult venue to judge for the musicians themselves but back with the audience the accoustics are great.
It was poorly attended but those that did gave a hearty applaud (well as hearty as it can get in the hushed formal atmosphere of a classical choral concert!)

I very much appreciated my first experience of a concert in such a beautiful setting and hope to do more. Was even lucky enough to catch the last hour of the Teenage Fanclub's rocking set at the Oran Mor though couldn't draw. However one of the songs inspired me to draw something that I saw when I closed my eyes. Funnily enough the title of the song was apparently 'Every picture that I paint' from their first cd A Catholic Education. Intriguing.

More to develop on that I think...

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