Wednesday, 18 June 2008


It's 2.32 in the morning. I've been hoodging it up on the internet, catching up with emails and spending way too much time on those of no importance; especially at this time of night!

Day went like this; went to bed at 3. Was supposed to be opening up Tchai Ovna, the great little tea house I work at partish timish, but ended up pulling a sickie because of THE most amazing migraine in the world. I was quite impressed. My brain was like clammy jelly, however still managed to forward a couple of illustrations to Scot Campus for their next edition which they seem to like. It's an enjoyable freebie I do, because I get to excercise the stupid cartoony side of me, and I love it. Puh Mouse may even make an appearance. If you're a student, grab a hold of the edition and see if you can find my two little cartoons.

Anyway, after extra kippage time and a shot of painkillers I felt ready to cycle into town. However, en route to Tchai Ovna, at the busy junction beside Gorbals Parish Church, my back wheel decided to become unhinged MID GREEN LIGHT no less!! Thought I was a goner, but I managed to crab it back to the pavement for some befuddled 'Can't believe this' gesticulations of helplessness and 'my work is never going to believe this one!'. Thankfully it was all good, they didn't boot me out the door when I eventually arrived exactly 2 1/2 hours later than planned.

Work was frantic as normal - mostly getting back into the flow of things after a few days off and a heed like a pack o' mince. Managed to get some warm up drawing done before the gig tonight, and was really glad I did actually because I'm mighty chuffed with the drawings and the fact that I 'experienced' these particular bands.


The absolutely insane 'jump up and down, crawl/hang off the ceiling and any stage appendages ' Dananananakroyd (is that too many an an an's?) and the almighty 'screech wail stop and thrash ' of the kooky Japanese band 'Melt Banana' were the bands in question. I had been reccommended to see them by Foxface drummer D.John Ferguson who regaled me with the story that M.B.'s drummer apparently walks around with holing weights all day so that when he comes to play his hands are flying all over the place. Which intrigued me to draw and I'm so glad I did - I got some of the best stuff I've done. See attached.

Melt Banana

I also managed to get the whole band to sign my drawing which was really cool. They seemed to like it too!

I later got a taxi home collecting my poor little abandoned bike en route. Now it's time for a kip yes? Got a 9am meeting to get to. Really looking forward to a good normal sleep one day.

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