Saturday, 14 June 2008

West End Festival Officially Opens!

Wilcommen, Bien Venue, Welcome...

The Fantastical Orkestra Del Sol

I can't stand it. I've moved from the wilds of Oban, to the sprawling metropolis of Glasgow, and there's just too many things to draw.

Like last night, for the official opening of the West End Festival there was at least two prominent choices of what you could do - Quadlibet - Strictly Mozart at the Kibble Palace (What a Setting!) or Orkestra Del Sol in the quirky dark depths of Oran Mor. What to do, what to do...Well, I chose a band I'd already drawn before, the Balkan/Euro/Afro-Caribbean stylee Big Band theatro lunico of Orkestra Del Sol.

Hopefully attached illustration can give a hint at the buzz, energy, madness, and downright conga pogo-ing fun, although it might not suggest how slick and finely practiced these maverick musickos are. Because they are. Calypso Collapso has to be one of my favourites, but it's up there with all of them. Since they're closed policy to any new hopefuls, their group are a much more in tune with movement, thinking and dynamics than the 2 years I drew them before. The audience had mosied in with the direct impish notion that some feverish dancing and fun was to be had, and tonight, it was.

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