Saturday, 14 June 2008

West End Festival - Saturday - Samba Showcase - QMU

Well after tonight, I just want to learn how to dance like a Carnival dancer with glittery frond thongs and big feathers, while also being able to percussion my ass off, be theatrical and be part of a Samba team. Oh yes, if you didn't boogie your ass off tonight at the Scottish Samba Showcase at the QMU, then you're a cold hearted individual. The theme was definitely of the theatrical/burlesque persuasion with a good amount of cleavage, flesh, feathers, fish net stockings...and that was just the men!

A great night again, thundersome beats, eclectic little instruments, and even more eclectic musicians. Apart from the first couple of acts, the rest had all rehearsed that little bit more of a show, the following one trying to outdo the one before. Samba Ya Bamba with their 42 members, brass section, drums, percussion and rappers (one of them being the 'tallest man in the world' Martin) were definitely the biggest, but not the boldest - although not true of their costumes! The second last band from London - I'll need to find out their name, looked pretty bland when they started their set until two carnival dancers came on stage and jiggled, hot footed and shook their thangs. I could have drawn them for hours! Beautiful creatures.

However, then there was the arse kicking performance of the french band Houba with their Mad Max red and black style punk goth outfits and big metallic looking drums complete with scary big haired skull logo.

Houba, the French samba band from the deep south.

Yep a grand night, and good practice for the carnival tomorrow - for me and them!

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