Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Dunstaffnage Music Festival 19th-20th July, and other stuff.

I came, I dawdled, I doodled.

This weekend was not the normal stress of the past two DMFs. This one was smaller, more relaxed, less organised, and I decided just to go with the flow for once.

There were some really great bands playing, on all four stages, particular favourites The Sparrow and the Workshop, Rags and Feathers, Wilson Tan, Pama International were a great headliner for Saturday, The Second Hand Marching Band - though they definitely need more practices together, and more microphones onstage; someone shouted out that they couldn't hear the words which is a shame as there's a whole kooky bunch of storytelling going on!

Apparently the Nanobots were fantastic in the Organic Roots tent - a place I neglected I'm afraid. Then there was the Brother Louis collective - Louis from The Moth and the Mirror, the Yellow Bentines played a blistering set - fronted by black gales from the sea - which pretty much headlined the main stage on Sunday since due to stupid stupid rules/organisation Popup played only four songs before they were taken off without warning due to TIME constraints. Bad energy my friends.

One last band to mention, Punch and the Apostles were ACE. They were taken off due to their rabid vulgar vocab if you please - they were being aired live on Oban fm apparently and two different families had complained. My inability to hear most lyrics from music I've first encountered left me frustrated at all the juicy nastiness I'd been oblivious to. I like the drawing I did though, but I could most definitely draw them again.

Incidently it has been confirmed that the Vivians were indeed implicated in the nicking of the drawing I did of them last year. F##kers. I really liked that drawing. Apparently it's in their flat in London. I'm flattered but I'd like some bloody money for it ya wee sh##es! I'm more irritated because I don't even have a copy of it. I hope it's nicely framed.

Anyway, Tom Waits has been, and has gone. I did not see him. Perhaps I should have. But I'm re-evaluating what I'm doing at the moment. Streamlining my focus, but experimenting more.

Apparently there was an events/music/festival illustrator featured in the Independant on Saturday 19th July 2008. Apparently he does exactly what I do, and his style is just like mine. However, I don't have a copy of the article and niether does the person who told me about it, so if anyone still has that article could they please email/send me it - my email is info@jennysoep.com and I'll send you a wee drawing as a thank you.

Right, this month is all about preparing for the Arts Debate I'm covering for the Scotsman at the end of the month. I'm really quite excited about it, it should be great stuff! And then there's Connect... (Ooh and I'm covering the Arches Theatre Festival again in September, plus teaching drawings workshops around Argyll and Bute in November- the amount of participating schools have tripled since last year due to the success of the artists - big old pat on the back for those ey?!)

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