Saturday, 9 August 2008

Curious, Curious presents 'Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lock Pickers' with 'Sparrow and the Workshop' and 'Washington Irving'

Stereo in Glasgow is possibly one of my favourite venues for it's intimacy, lighting, great sound and rough edges and tonight had the potential for a blistering line up.

However, I recently read a review in the Skinny about Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lockpickers from their stint at 'Hey You Get Off My Pavement' (which had a great line up and which I missed due to other drawing escapades). It suggested they were a bit tame and lamented the split of Uncle John and Whitelock, since all the ex band members were there on the day either in the crowd or in other bands. I have to say I agreed with the article. 'Jacob' and the organist Jamie are the two remaining members from UJaW and while they might have the same skills, bonds and professionalism they had during their former band, the other two members did not appear as intrinsically linked.

Favourite aspects of the performance:
The minimalistic lighting changes from green to blue to red looked great and if I was a photographer I'd be snapping away at Jake's raw performance: as it was I just drew his movements. Jamie's beast of an instrument was the most awesome brooding object on the stage and regardless of hiccups with the ending, 'Maryhill' was definitely the best song.

Of the supporting two bands Sparrow and the Workshop were probably at most ease with their performance and a personal favourite of mine. Jill is a firecracker -her lyrics, voice and guitar picking styles in tune with her gift at storytelling. At times I was reminded of Jolie Holland, but with more bite and agression. Drummer/singer Gregor and bassist/guitarist Nicholas accentuate the heat and the cool, the savage and the gentle. Great stuff.

Washington Irving get better and better, bulking out with more talented and obscure musicans. Joe Black is a terrific young front man and I have no qualms in reckoning he and whoever he takes with him on his musical journeys will produce some brilliant songs and performances.

Great night all in all though, and the tunes were good from what I heard at the start of DeeJay David Barbarossa's set.


Otherfunk said...

Hey do... Lovin' the drawings. I hope my sister's teapot works out... Will keep an eye out for interesting musicians to draw :)

Jenny Soep said...

Hey Mr Otherfunk. Just checked out your sites - no wonder you said to leave my comment. However. I will. Becuase I like the guys in it. But I'll save it somewhere incase I change my mind.