Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Arches Live, as drawn Live by moi. Thank'very much...

Violent Night

Little Vikings Are Never Lost

The Hair on My Head is Dead

I've spent most of this festival mostly disliking the pieces I've been drawing - at first - and then once I 'get it', when it suddenly becomes clear what it's about, the dawn of realisation settles on my face like a fresh whiff of peppermint and the click in my mind is quite audible I'm sure - 'Ah!' she thinks - I understand! How wonderful! My uncomfort has turned into pleased-as-punchness! But I reckon that's what Arches Live, and indeed what the whole of the Arches is about - about turning around that darkened corner and discovering light, something new, something challenging but enlightening. The shows I saw tonight which did this were I Samba and Trilogy: Part 3 in particular. Really quite beautiful, and a privalege to catch. It was actually a truly emotional night in so many ways. Death, torture, rebirth, opression, laughter, joy, song, liberation, harmony, nature, life: quite a rollercoaster for just one night. Extremely well done to Nic for inspiring so many gals to get up on stage and be free for a song. If you were there, you'll know what I'm talking about!

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Liz Davis said...

Connor and I like your drawings very much. He is also very artistic....for six years old.