Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Mogwai, F**k Buttons, Errors, and Crashing Celtic Connections Launch

Yep, I get about a bit. Just got back from Edinburgh, it's 01.50, pishy wet and windy and cold weather, I fancy tunneling under my duvet covers and hibernating for the rest of the winter.

Celtic lost 3-0 to Man U. Just so's you know. But when people weren't watching that, including the very band, they were at the Corn Exchange for the brilliant line up that was tonight - Mogwai, supported by the very very very fantastic F**k Buttons and Errors. Great stuff. Nae Bad, as King Rab C might put it.

So here's the pictures in their mighty raw form, just incase y'all thought I did my pictures from memory.

Mogwai, Finale

Mogwai, Green.

F**k Buttons ( but if you can read and you're young/vulnerable enough to be scarred, then I'm in trouble...)

Plus I also managed to get along to the launch of Celtic Connections at the Royal Conert Hall. Was really moving actually; it looks like it's going to be an amazing lineup for January/Feb 2009. Seriously, it looks really quite something!

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Tomas said...

Hey Jenny! It's Tomas (that photographer dude you seem to bump intp all the time now..)

Loving the mogwai drawings!