Monday, 27 October 2008

The Week That Was, Findo Gask, Animal Kingdom

The Week That Was

Findo Gask

Animal Kingom

That Week That Was, and it was. Brilliant night - flipping hot - had a river of sweat running down my back - will try and wear shorts, t-shirt and flip flops next time I visit the Captain's Rest.
Really really enjoyed the night - great music - though need to adapt my way of drawing in there - was kneeling for the first two bands and my legs were killing me - Die Jenny Soep Die Die! Seriously though, if there's any product designers out there who could design me some sort of low level stool thing that can be packed up small but support my big old weight in a kneeling position - answers on a postcard...
Speaking of which, I'm currently on a great little tour of primary schools in Argyll doing drawing workshops based on their location. We've been making postcards to send to 'exchange' school in Argyll, and so far - today being the first day this time round - it's been braw!
Will keep updating but it's about time for an early night.

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Karen said...

Hey - are you gonna do good ole Kilchrenan Primary? Good to see you are doing so well love!
K x