Monday, 1 September 2008

Connect Connect...

What a weekend. Got some great drawings, met some wonderful folks, and asides from waking up in a puddle in my tent (with QuickDraw emblazoned on the side!! Not intended honestly!), spending more time than necessary in the mission to get an AAA pass, and a post festival uber-bug, I had a brilliant lovely time of it.
If you're looking for pictures, come back next week to have a swatch - I've chosen to not look at the pictures until next week and let my mind process all the experiences I had.
Thanks to all the behind the scenes people and the musicians for letting me draw them. Sigur Ros, most definitely a highlight - what an amazing show, and what beautiful folks they are too.

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sidmanu said...

yeah i agree, ANOTHER brilliant weekend over on the "sunny" west coast. will you be listing the paintings for purchase?