Thursday, 30 April 2009

Yah, thiiiiiiiirrrrrrttttttyyyyyy!

The Fall, The Arches

The Wave Pictures - Excellent!

Pearl, from Pearl and the Puppets.

Ah, tonight. I'm 30. Yes, 30: not 24, not 36, not 55, but plain jane, bold gold, thirty. Like dirty and skirty and tirty and ooh! Flirty!
Tonight I've met a John, a Kate, a Jimmy, a Paul, a Chaz, a Dave, heh heh, a Gordo, and a whole load of folks who's names don't exactly escape me, more are abducted and amnesia induced.
The Legendary Fall, tho' dissapointed in the sound. The Wave Pictures, excellent. Pearl and the Puppets, lovely. Happy Birthday to Pearl's manager - it's her birthday today. What a great birthday.

Pictures to follow. After I snooze, lose, schmooze and skadoooze!

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