Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Just Goes To Show...

RM Hubbert, (who will be supporting Aidan Moffat & The Best Ofs, Friday 08th May, Stereo.)

The rather splendid Mr Alan Bissett (My Nana thinks he's lovely!)

What a night. I've had 12 hours of sleep since Saturday, I didn't sleep last night but chose to work in my Dad's office designing, printing, emailing, listening to music until 7 this morning, then had breakfast, went to get the bus to the train station and just before it came around the corner to get me, I realised I'd left my mobile in Dad's office. Bugger, I thought. Once I got to Taynuilt, I managed to phone home and ask if the folks could bring it down with them to my expo launch at Mono tonight. That sorted I got on the train and went into a coma, being shaken awake by the ticket man, then again by some random stranger to let me know I was now in Glasgow.

On the way home, on the infamous no. 75 to Castlemilk, I realised I did not have my house keys.

Of all the days to be without my mobile and my keys and the ability to sort logistics out for tonight. I tell ya, everything was opposing the success of tonight, and DAMMIT IF TONIGHT JUST DIDN'T GO AMAZINGLY!!! Which, it did. I sold a picture for a start!!! Wooohooooo!
No red dots available so I had to sketch up my own. Darn, I forgot to take photos. Well, there were a few folk there doing just that, and most folk who were simply just enjoying the show!

My biggest thanks to the following people for making it all happen:
Hinterland for publicity and Red Bull alcoholic drinks (although I never managed to get one myself!); Stephen McSeveney and Mono for providing the venue, lighting, faith and funding too!! The wonderful AGKC, my 'Giclee Printers Par Excellence', who designed and printed the brochures for the expo plus a free framed print of the inimitable Arab Strap; Picture Framers in Shawlands for providing free mounts cut beautifully for most of the pictures in the exhibition, plus the artists who took part themselves - the writer Alan Bissett for his right raving captivating self -and for opening the show - the musician RM Hubbert for his beautiful music, and Garry Whitton for nipping through from Dundee to exert his masterful animatory/filming/VJ-ing magic.

Special thanks also to Charlotte Rodenstedt for designing my beautiful Sigur Ros Flyer, the lovely person who put up posters for me - you know who you are! My wonderful family , Nana!! and Shauna Cameron, who travelled down from Oban to a) give me my mobile phone back and b) to give me support!! An artist needs her groupies y'all!!

Last but not least, special mention to Lorraine for doing some general housekeeping duties - wiping down surfaces, brushing up rubbish, as well as the epic task of putting all the profiles under their respective pictures. You did a grand job lass!! I most certainly owe you one!!

Right, I think it's bed-time finally. It's 01.20 and I'm about to go through my comments book. Apparently my Dad has left a stormer of a comment so looking forward to that.

Cheers to everyone who came down for the expo, was really well attended, and everyone was very well behaved too!! Hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did - drawings to be posted tres soon!! xxxx

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