Monday, 27 April 2009

Confirmed - Lights, Camera, Action!

By Ms Charlotte Rodenstedt of

That's right folks, this little expo is gonna be a darned sight more exciting than previously thought: Updated details below!

A Multimedia Event indeed!! Great music by RM Hubbert, Opening by Alan Bissett, both are being drawn during their performances with the images projected nearby, all the while being surrounded by a very select collection of drawings of some of the most exciting and memorable gigs and musicians Jenny's experienced, including:
Bjork, David Byrne, Crystal Castles, Arab Strap, Jeff Lewis & The Junkyard, Edwyn Collins' Come Back Gig, Mogwai, Melt Banana w. Dananananaykroyd - ooh! ooh! ooh! and there's a fair bit more! VJ-ing and animatory magic by Mr Garry Whitton.

It's all in conjunction with Hinterland Festival where Jenny will be 'resident drawer' at a few carefully chosen gigs. Sponsored by Hinterland and Red Bull. Nice one!!

And if you're feeling flush, support the artist by buying a very nice print/greetings card/artist book/catalogue - massive discount for one night only!!! Entertainment plus bargains in one night - Good Golly!!!

Details You Might Need To Know:

Host: Jenny Soep, Mono, and Hinterland
Type: Music/arts - Exhibit
Start Time: 29 April 2009 at 18:00
End Time: 29 May 2009 at 20:00
Location: Mono
Street: 10 King St
Town/City: Glasgow, United Kingdom
Phone: 01415532400

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