Saturday, 9 May 2009

Outsider is Cancelled.

Well this frees up my potential time. If our current weather is anything to go by, I'd have had to built myself a tree hut, or invest in a hovercraft. Or both. Or maybe just become a professional mud wrestler.

Complementary little article here:

May 07, 2009, 0 comments
Written by Will Slater
Date: 30th April - 1st May
Day 1

On the eve of the festival we had been invited to the bar/restaurant, Mono, to check out Jenny Soep’s solo show, ‘Sketching the Scene’. Soep is known for drawing bands live at gigs with whatever water based media she has at hand, and having heard that she had captured the likes of Bj√∂rk, Arcade Fire and Jeffrey Lewis, this show sounded promising and worth searching past all the derelict buildings on King Street, wondering if we were too late and that Mono had miraculously closed down. Upon discovering the exhibition I wondered what the curator was considering when using such an awkward space and whether or not they knew that there would be diners blocking the views of most of the work on display. The work itself, which we viewed while sidestepping through the narrow walkway between the wall and the dining area, had a very primitive and rushed appearance, which is what you could expect from someone if they’re supposedly drawing while being bumped and knocked around, and having beer spilt on themselves while trying to stand up. This was a thought that kept playing through my head as I viewed Soep’s work and that kept me from disliking it, as well as ignoring Aaron’s outrage at the absurd prices that the drawings were going for. What stood out the most for us was the drawing of Edwyn Collins’ come back gig, where one of his backing musicians was drawn as both a figure and a silhouette. As I studied this I was annoyed that other people standing around, blocking the space were forcing me to stand awkwardly close to it, but then I realized that standing in this cramped environment was very fitting for the Jenny Soep experience; why not view her work in the conditions of a gig?

You can see the rest of the Hinterland Review in full here:

I must also state I have not drawn Arcade Fire, but would definitely like to.

By the way, I also happen to have sold a couple of pictures, so get ye down to my expo, see if you want any of the originals that are there, or prints, or investigate what originals I might have that you may fancy!

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