Friday, 8 May 2009

TutSweet: - TutVuVu and a bit of Aidan Moffat

Aidan's night would have been great: RM Hubbert, plus Malcolm Middleton making a surprise guesting, even the line up of Aidan's 'Best Ofs' tonight - Alun on guitar, Stevie on Bass, Michael-John on Accordian - but I only managed three of the first sumptuous offerings before I made my goodbyes. I hope Aidan plays again in Glasgow before the year is out.

I had torn myself away from this splendid gig since via serendiptious chancings, I had heard TutVuVu were doing an even rarer performance at the GFM recording studios and felt I had to be there, most definitely. And they were Great. You did notice that capital G didn't you?

Post-gig, some classic Blues, Rythm & Blues and Sweet Rock and Roll played out for some great eclectic boogying. You cannot beat a baaaad blues boogie, no way.

Drawing (has now appeared!) TutSweet.

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