Thursday, 4 June 2009

Maximo Park, The Noisettes, and Stricken City - check them out!

On stage, with Maximo Park!

The Noisettes

I think I just returned from a flight with the Navigator...

Maximo Park - I finally found the pics from that infamous night! (You can't beat it - I was positioned on stage near the bassist at the back so I was looking out at the audience - felt like a right lemon. In order to stop feeling like a lemon, I knelt on the ground. However, after an hour my legs were officially dead and as I knelt up I nearly puked and passed out. Thankfully, my truly Rock & Roll moment passed without projection. Don't know what Maximo Park would have thought of that, tho' they had toyed with the idea of me standing beside the drummer with an easel. Maybe next time...)

Also check out Stricken City - I really liked them - frenetic energy.

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KimbeR said...

Like these pictures. You've captured the Noisettes really well. I googled you earlier, the amount of results are impressive!!