Monday, 15 June 2009

The Drones

What a night. Well this is the second night in two weeks that someone has bought the picture off me on the night of the gig.
Fantastic gig it was too: they'll be back in November. Check them out. Will need to get a visor for the heat, humidity and flying sweat, esp. if playing in Captain's Rest.

Want to get better earplugs so I can hear the music better without being deafened. A happier compromise between sitting beside the speakers because of my duff eyesight and hearing the music the way it's supposed to be heard but with lack of clear vision!
Pissing wet weather today. Need to invest in a scanner and printer. For sure. Don't like taking my precious paper based drawings out in that sodden atmosphere!
Ciao for now Bellas.
Picture will follow.

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