Thursday, 18 June 2009

Tom Leonard

Tom launches his book with a flying f*...

Tom, Speaks 'Proper' from the beautiful poem 'An Ayrshire Mother'

Alasdair Gray reads from Tom's Book

(Another of my favourite quotes - Poetry is all the juciest bits in the juciest order!)

James Kelman reads a fantastic choice!

Anyway, Nora's Place

Total inspiration

What a brilliant, beautiful, tender and thought provoking night. Also bloody hilarious. It's funny, I didn't remember the humour after my first time hearing Tom read, but I did remember it's poignancy. Same thing tonight - I remember being quite contemplative after the gig, and thinking a lot of it was beautiful, acerbic, touching, but forgot that I'd laughed my ass off at quite a few points. Glad I was sitting on the floor, that could've caused an incident...
Suffice to say, they were turning folks away from the door. Support from pals Alasdair and Jim.
Buy his book, it really is brilliant. I didn't know how visual his thinking is - great little illustrations in there.
This quote from Tom himself:
Thanks very much, I like the drawings and am glad to have them. You have your own way of portraying an intimacy tangent to an occasion, with quotes like holiday luggage labels on a speaker's passing expression.

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