Thursday, 22 October 2009

Mobile Phone Drawing, The Storyteller, Just goes to show...

Mags the Storyteller telling the story of Wolly Dod at Eid on the Drive @ The Tramway

I did a range of drawings at this festival which were supposed to be projected inside but due to some misunderstanding we weren't allowed. Ah well. Future projects.

I drew the above picture and was really quite enchanted with Mags, who is a really lovely storyteller, very engaging with all ages, and lovely to have her music (so important for the emotions and the imagination!). She also plays Indonesian Gamalan music, but I've yet to experience this.

I texted her the picture after her story, and now The Storytelling Centre Glasgow has commissioned me to paint this as a mural on their wall, which I'm really quite looking forward to - don't often get the chance to paint LARGE!

Which just proves my theory - keep on keeping on. You'll get there, most definitely.

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