Monday, 19 October 2009

Natasha Khan and BFL

One of my favourite songs.

(I could draw Natasha for hours. She certainly provides a magical performance.)
Tonight had a lot going against it. It involved a scatty artist for a start, who had AMAZINGLY forgotten her pencils and had to improvise with what she had, though did manage to hastily purchase a bog-standard HB from the newsagents across the road. I also lost my bottle - my lucky one that holds the grit. But it was found again. (Seriously, I do have a lucky bottle of water!) I also spilt another bottle of water. Luckily, it wasn't the kind of gig where you could hear a pin drop. Lastly, the position of where I was, meant the sound was distorted. Luckily though, most songs sounded great, and for any that perturbed me at the odd sounds I was getting, I remembered the songs from what I'd listened to while working on some pictures earlier today. I'm going to attach an old picture I drew of BFL 2 years ago, and new pictures from tonight. A bad workman blames his tools. I hope I can always adapt to what I have at the time.

And now for the oldie picture. Note the big one has been somewhat 'accentuated'.

Performing 'Trophy' amidst others.


francois said...

Really nice. Thank you!

Jenny Soep said...

You're welcome Francois. Thanks for leaving your comment.

amber blue said...

lovely and magical, much like your muse. :) keep up the good work, jenny.