Wednesday, 9 December 2009

15 hours to go on Ebay!

Just to let you know the original drawings I drew for the David Williamson Rwanda Foundation will be completely done and dusted sold in 15 hours - if you know anyone who would be interested in a/some totally unique (signed!!) souvenirs of some of the most seminal musicians in Glasgow's music history then let them know they've got only a few hours to bid! Would be a grand Xmas prezzie! Jenny Soep xx (I'm very tempted to buy them back myself!! Especially The Vaselines - that's a rare one!) -

Teenage Fanclub, Malcolm Middleton, The Vaselines, The Pastels - Framed originals signed (by the musicians and the artist!) selling on Ebay for the charity The David Williamson Rwanda Foundation - - T.F. at £330 at the moment, M.M. at £195, The Vaselines at £100, The Pastels £97/£95 - bargains for Christmas!! 15 hours to go!!
ps If you would like to see the pictures better you can go here - The Teenage Fanclub picture has been signed by everyone playing, but was added after this picture was taken.

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McGuire said...

Great site, just discovered it, particularlu like the sketches of Glasgow writers. Good work. I'll be reading you.