Friday, 5 March 2010

Unwinding Hours, Stereo, Glasgow

Unwinding Hours first official gig, at Stereo Glasgow. Meet a chap who's travelled up from Brighton especially for it. Suffice to say he isn't the only one very pleased to see this certain Glasgow Phoenix rise from the ashes of Aereogramme, crowned by the final song of the encore. You certainly can't beat this welcome, and Craig B is thankful, before telling the grinning crowd to shut up. If they want to keep warm on on the way home, there's some t-shirts for sale on the way out. Also they've got a gig in Edinburgh on the 1st of May - apparently buses are cheap these days...his self deprecating wit is most endearing. The gig is great. Holy Mountain are also a top choice of support - 25 minutes of continuous hardcore drumming and jingling metal scrang?? I've no idea how else to describe the duo, but just go experience 'em.
Unfortunately I missed Olympic Swimmers, but hope to catch them again soon.

I've come across a few soundbites affected by the low reverberating notes that seems to bring out some crazy reactions in folk - at the Chemikal 15th b'day, a security guy said his brain was buzzing and that was even wearing headphones, and someone else said they felt like vomiting. Tonight, just before U.H. came on I heard someone behind me commenting that he'd be kicking some holes in the amps if any more of 'that drone' came out of them, someone else agreeing that it was 'unnecessary'. I for one, bloody loved the 'drone'. It definitely added to the final pic. Which I rather like.

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