Monday, 8 March 2010

Burnt Island Album Launch, Aidan Moffat, The Second Hand Marching Band, plus a few choice words from 'Wake the President'

Paper Drawing - Burnt Island
Mobile Phone Drawing

Mobile Phone Drawing

Paper Drawing - Benni Hemm Hemm, Peter, Liam and Andrew of The Second Hand Marching Band

Nice night with great folk and good music. Burnt Island are developing some exciting new textures, sounding better than ever. Aidan, hungover or perhaps ill? was his usual dark and grumpily entertaining self. So much love in the audience for that mighty talented grumpy git -after his 'valentine song' commenting that maybe he's just jealous since 'nobody loves him', a girl behind me whispered to her friend 'But I love you'.

The Second Hand Marching Band are great, they really are, and I always wish they played for longer. Beautiful and intriguing looking bunch of characters they are too. One day I'll get them all...

Low points - The lights could have been dimmer and the audience was great but they could have ventured closer to the stage. The golden haired twin brothers Bjorn and Erik Sandberg from Wake the President were having a right good flavourful shouting match during the first and last set, one of them clearly more intoxicated than the other. F**king rude, but definitely entertaining.

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