Sunday, 30 May 2010

Allotment, Govan and the John Cage MusiCircus, Tramway

A very cool photo of me painting with UV paint at the NTS Allotment project in Govan.
By the lovely Judy Chee.

RM Hubbert, MusiCircus, Tramway
Ruth Morley, MusiCircus, Tramway

Ug! MusiCircus, Tramway

Drawing Ug! MusiCircus, Tramway
Hummingwards, MusiCircus, Tramway

It's been a busy weekend. Been doing some not bad improv painting to some quality improv music using ultraviolet paint on a big black wall under U.V. lighting (inhale of breath) as part of the last instalment of Allotment by NTS (National Theatre of Scotland), which has been the most fun I've had in ages. What a great project and special thanks to Fergus and Roy for initially having me on their proposal, to Caroline and Angie for producing the show, to the most cool Kai - the helpful Art Director, and to Fi, Kate, and Peter for all their top wisdom, help and lovely selves! It has been such a cool experience.
So that was three days of my life.
And then there was Tramway's John Cage MusiCircus full of Music Frolics and Mayhem and beautiful things. It really has been such an inspiring, engaging and fulfilling weekend. If I get any picture's I'll stick 'em up. (As you can see, pics have been stuck up). Night night for now. It's been intense.


Wren said...

hello, i saw on one of you posts that you paint with UV paint, and i was wondering if you could tell me where it is that you buy your paint from? i bought my last from and i have to say it didnt really work that well. thanks! Loren.

Jenny Soep said...

Hi Loren, I haven't had that much experience with UV paint but the bottle I got was quite tricky to paint live with as it was very reliant on the background/canvas and the lighting. It didn't really glow that well fresh out of the paint pot, and the background is better black. I'll email you the paint name once I find it. I've also heard that mixing whitening washing powder with white paint can be good but when I tried this the texture was very chalky and didn't paint fluidly at all. Best of luck though, I'm sure you'll find a solution.