Thursday, 20 May 2010

Support Popcop's Plight!

Ah, that's a good punchy tabloid heading if ever I saw one! But it's for a bloody worthwhile cause. The Google monster has salaciously and unjustly consumed 3 years body of work of this fine fellow who if anything has hugely promoted and supported the Scottish and Internationally creative music scene. I had always been impressed at his finger on the pulse and grasp of how best to facilitate the eager music fan into discovering quality bands, musicians and artists working with as well as pushing the boundaries of pop, all for nowt but his enthusiasm to support.

This coming Sunday on Song by Toad you can read an exclusive article on Jason's plight though there are already a few places where you can read a very worrying, disturbing, disgusting and downright frightening abuse of power on the very folk who are supporting their peers in the creative industries. See below for links.

Incidentally, please join the following facebook page to show your support -

For anyone who's ever lauded their favourite band online/offered encouragement to the music underdog/practised their right to free speech/enlightened anyone with a band or song they haven't heard/is excited by the great possibilities for art and music that the internet affords but is utterly utterly disgusted by the giant corporations who shoot down the very people supporting the cause - This site also gives you instructions on how to email google at to request his site be re-instated or at the very least get his content back.

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