Saturday, 31 July 2010

One Creative Scotland TV Pilot

Tragic O'Hara

Emma's Imagination

David Duffy

David Duffy, Tragic O'Hara and particularly Emma's Imagination were great on the intimate stage of the 'acoustic' studio B, playing on the small (and very warm) stage infront of the fairy light studded midnight blue drapery . Bigg Taj and Louie were f**king brilliant in studio C which was cosily decked out in some retro patterned interior decor by the 'Made in the Shade' gang.

Thumbs up to Clare Kelly and The Tollhouse folk who obviously slogged some hours to get it organised and functioning so well. Very entertaining night, great space, some intriguing artwork, and a very lovely vibe about it. Jim Gellatly was cutting a mean shape with his mohican - that greeny-blue is definitely a good colour.

The sets were running a little late I think, as there were still two bands to play when I left around 11pm. But it was so bloody convenient for me to get there! No 75 from Kings Park all the way to right outside the studios. Mega. :) I'm well up for more gigs there.

Don't know when/if we get to see the TV pilot, but fingers crossed for them, and best of luck with all their editing this week.

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