Thursday, 29 July 2010

Owls, 2nd Hand Marching Band, Sarah Banjo, and RM Hubbert

Yep, as I'm writing this at 2.51am there is an owl hooting in the street outside - brilliant! Hope it eats the slugs and snails that have been massacring my basil and sunflowers. Wee bawbags.

Anyway, asides from that.

Been experimenting with my iPod touch and I think I'm finally managing to make friends with it, though blow me if the rubber bit on the end of my special stylus isn't wearing out and producing burning smells! I have to say, the NOKIA appears much more dependable so far, simpler, although I have just recently purchased 6 new stylus since I've lost 4 already. It's just so easy to lose that darned stylus when you whip your phone out your back pocket/handbag/shirt pocket etc. I wonder how long 6 will last me. :)

Anyway. Just going to upload the iPod drawings I did tonight, plus a few more showing my progression from total rubbish, to getting used to it.

Great night tonight at the 13th note. Second Hand Marching Band, Sarah Banjo (freshly heard and much enjoyed), and RM Hubbert. Class line-up, finished off nicely with Peter, the band leader, leading everyone to sing a chorus at the back of the room, and those that had been notified/seen his posting about writing a verse (see my post below) stood very tentatively around a microphone with their 15 seconds of fame or complete humiliation thrust upon them in friendly manner. I felt the latter.

Nah, not totally. I'm pretty sure my singing was sh**e, as my voice has been locked away in a cupboard for 3 years and I've been shouting through the keyhole all day, hence tonight I was warbling away quite unlike the nightingale I fancied. It's all in the words of the verse right? Ha.

Intense though. Felt like a baptism of fire, but luckily everyone was freakin' nervous so I didn't feel quite so bad. Apparently all the verse writers/singers will get a cd through the post of their efforts. I'm looking forward to experiencing that! ;)

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