Monday, 26 July 2010

Damo Suzuki, and this Thursday at 13th Note - Marching Orders with the Second Hand Marching Band

I did not go to see Damo Suzuki on Saturday at the CCA, Glasgow.

Since my decision not to go and see him play 2 performances - one with Vars of Litchi, and the other with the Glasgow Sound Carrier Collective featuring members of Ug and Tattie Toes amongst others - my stomach has been in knots at my knowing creative sado-masochistic deprivation. I missed, what sounds like, a total experimental, exciting, improvised quality evening of legendary status, with the chap who was found busking in a street in Germany only to be recruited that night as front man of the leading avant garde krautrock band Can. This was back in the days when their experimental music/artforms were kicking boundaries open with the force of a cornered man witnessing his freedom diminish.

This blurb is from the CCA website. Cry Parrot incidentally are a great collective that are increasingly becoming respected for booking excellent and quality experimental/revolutionary musicians/artists

'The goal is simple, for musicians to communicate with each other and with the audience. There are no ego's involved. Musicians send smoke signals to each other. They respond in kind. Damo selects musicians who have the potential to communicate freely and who are able to respond honestly to each other in the here and now. This also involves a respect for and dynamic communication with the audience. Both Damo and Can refer to this process as Instant Composing. Each concert is a unique event. There are never any rehearsals. Mistakes are moments of opportunity. For the musician, this process is in equal parts exciting and terrifying.'

With so much mirroring my own style of drawing music, why oh why oh why did I prioritise an alternative. I have my reason, and I'll just have to suffer it. But damn. I really wish I'd gone.

Meanwhile, I'm unable to attend this great little event, but I would thoroughly recommend it for any musically tainted folks with an itch to get creative. Second Hand Marching Band are great folks, as is RM Hubbert. Both with beautiful musical talents of their own. Check it out.

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