Thursday, 8 July 2010

Vile Imbeciles, 13th Note, Glasgow

They were great. They played to a non-audience and they were still great.
Infact, they ARE great. You better see them next time they're up.

Iain Campbell was also entertaining with his collection of detritus with sound making potential. I don't think anyone could replicate the dark menace in which his crisps were munched. A John Cage/found sound/simultaneously creative piece.

Cheer produced an inspired aural atmosphere for all that he was playing to a vacuum of non-audience. This chap is talented, but it's the second time I've seen him and there's been a distinct lack of folk. Is he too experimental? Does he support those that are too 'alternative'? Are there too many venues in Glasgow now?

Glasgow is indeed spoilt for places to play and to listen. As an audience, we've become lazy in our aural learning capacity. Is it possible to have too much music-oriented enlightenment? It is however much easier for bands to hone their talents at live performance, with the support of technicians and promoters. As long as the lack of an audience doesn't dishearten. Persistence get's you everywhere.

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