Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Some fun on the iPad. Calvin and Hobbes-esque...

Purely to take advantage of having a 100% bonafide iPad!iPad!iPad! in my grasp, I have been using it to get to know the wonders of Sketchbook Pro and it's little foibles too. Could still learn WAY more, but as it is, I didn't make full use of all the tools since I am primarily a line based drawer. But this is what I managed in a week of having it. The drawings were based on a friend and his girlfriend who are very much bouncy, happy, mischievous, very busy and creative folk themselves. I'm sure you'll notice some added accessories and tweaking to some classic C&H images, and some scenes designed completely by myself. Rockin'. :) The scenes are all things they plan on doing together. Très romantique non?
Team Calvin and Hobbes
Just Doing Nothing

Jive Dancing
Going Adventuring

Finding some free time
Going Into Business
Ticked Off - Getting Stuff Finished.

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