Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Jónsi, 02 Academy, Glasgow, 05092010

Exquisite, bustling, quiet, beautiful, frenetic, joyous, a call to arms and to hope, a call of the wild, of nature, of seasons to show that the world still turns, life exists and will survive. A peacock tail of sun rays in a period of economic gloom. En masse, the little man can turn things around.

What a show, really, seriously. The unique sounds, imagination, atmosphere and sense of play from the multi-talented Jónsi and friends. The award winning UK based 'Fifty Nine Productions' is the team behind the amazing special effects and stage design. It really is something special, and will make any gig you can make, one to remember. Shows are indeed selling out though, so really you need to act fast or check on reliable ticket reselling sites. They do exist - a friend of mine got tickets to the November London show for face value. And that show my friends, will definitely be something to talk about.

So this picture, is phase one. My first impression. As you can tell, I noticed a lot. Keep your eyes peeled for the 2nd picture I do at the Brighton Dome next Tuesday.

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