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Well, what a week indeed. Infact it was so full and fascinating I completely forgot to write it up! 1 day only now till I head for Sweden until Sunday, then back to fair Glasgow for 3 days before I head to Moscow where I will be having lots of fun doing a week of music inspired art workshops to a range of ages from 2-13! Can't wait :) Have been advised to take warm clothes.

So the Jónsi week began with a lost and found train journey at 6.50am from Glasgow to Brighton, where with a second journey re-planned out and executed I arrived there half an hour before I had been initially due to. All hail the milk of human kindness and that lovely lovely train guard.
Thus my itinerary for the next few days was set in motion. 'Get to Brighton, meet up with some great friends in the evening - Don't get drunk! Wake up and refine presentation for the Drawing Research Network Conference at Brighton University, Enjoy at least a couple of talks, remove heart from mouth, do my own presentation/workshop flawlessly (or at least impassioned and engaging!), relax, enjoy the company of other drawing professionals in the golden glow of post-presentation, then gather art materials and paper for drawing Sigur Ros's Jónsi, whose own performance is later that very evening. Great co-incidence, and very much a 'killing of two birds with one stone' affair.

For those not in the know, I have arranged with Jónsi and his manager that I draw 3 concerts of his current UK tour, so tonight being my 2nd, the 5th of Sept. in Glasgow being my first. The aim is to gather up a visual collection of improved knowledge of his stunning show, involving beautiful projections, animations, special effects and ultimately gorgeous music. The third and final one in the UK will take place at the HMV Apollo in London on the 26th of November. It's sold out, so if you can get a hold of a ticket via a respected ticket re-selling site and can get to London, I would thoroughly recommend it - this final show will have the full works, the mighty skill and creativity of London company 59 Productions who designed and made the visual effects. It is a piece of art, and one of the best live music performances you will witness for quite a while.

So after the wondrous concert at the Brighton Dome, it was time for my last night in the fair seaside resort before I headed off to London for a couple of meetings and a night on a thames barge with some great friends and a good bottle of wine. :) Travelled to Glasgow the next day, with one nights grace before the highly anticipated Rock Chic charity event the next night.

It went over and above my expectations - what a great night! Totally class entertainment - when there wasn't a band playing, there was a fashion show with a fab choice of clothestuff, a brilliant cocktail maker/juggler/man of dynamite, stunning sparkly cocktails or glasses of fizz on entry into the venue, very tasteful balloon, flower and glass table decorations, a stall with brilliant, quirky and very tasty little custom-made cakepops, along with projected music doodling by yours truly, and masterful veejaying by Scott. Also my drawings wouldn't have been possible without Jazz's expert light wizardry. Drawings below, and lots of money raised for the Paul O'Gorman/Beatson Leukaemia Research Centre in Glasgow.

Figure 5

Attic Lights

Pooch Poochettes

Soul Foundation Beginning

Soul Foundation - Getting into it - Total Visual Carnage! Yes!!

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