Thursday, 30 September 2010

Sasha Frere-Jones, New Yorker Journalist, thinks I'm alright :)

Excerpt -
'Above is Jenny Soep’s “paper memory” of the Björk interview. (Click here for PDF of original—this 500-wide image is too small. Several family members are upset that the image doesn’t look like me. I think the effect is just fine. The hands are pretty good, as is the nose.)'

The above excerpt and link is to the blog from the 'Hailey Ehsteemed Dood' from the New Yorker (and other pretty damn fine publications too) who was the official interviewer for Bjork at the Polar Music Prize, gives me a mention - Ya wee beauty Sasha :D I would also like to add that I was late for the interview because of a traffic jam on the road from Skavsta airport, but still the organisers were well up for me drawing and ushered me upstairs at the back. Couldn't see a blinking thing really, so I'm utterly gobsmacked he reckons I got his nose and hands :D

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