Friday, 12 November 2010

1st Installment of Instal - Friday Night.

Instal: Barry Esson Introduces

Resonance Radio Orchestra with Tam Dean Burn

" " [sic] Tim Goldie

Lucio Capece & Christian Kesten - The Borders play Sunno(((

Diego Chamy, Jean-Luc Guionnet & Seijiro Murayama

Matthieu Saladin

Mattin: Object of Thought


No Disc, , Em, Eject. - Matthieu Saladin

I can't hear what I sound like - Mattin: Object of Thought

Why does the 'song' sound better than (that)? - Diego Chamy, Jean-Luc Guionnet & Seijiro Murayama

Flash, Crash, (Neon White BatBat), Whistle, Crunch, Ker-Chunk - " " [sic] Tim Goldie

So Barry asks me, since Sir Sean Connery's too auld, Gonne walk in a spiral Tam? Make it mathematical, a bit of mathematics willnae hurt anyone..., so I'm gonna talk on this mobile, which is a pretty lightweight thing, for 48 hours - it's just the battery that weighs 7 kilos - which is why I've got this rucksack. Resonance Radio Orchestra with Tam Dean Burn

(These phrases are brief summaries written in the order of me remembering the events of the night, starting with the most uncomfortable due to its poor delivery, and omitting the one I momentarily forgot, 'Lucio Capece & Christian Kesten - The Borders play Sunno(((' which made me feel only slightly uncomfortable, slightly weak, and wishful that I'd wanted some soup)

The drawings were created on my mobile phone in series that slightly differ from each other, unless the repetition is significant to a long moment/pause.

I would like to add in retrospect, that last night opened my eyes to how many boundaries I've placed upon myself as an audience member/viewer/listener. I can blame my drawing for my lack of audience interaction, however I still wish I'd got up and danced in the sonically active darkness and communally composed chaos that was Mattin's piece, while also wishing I'd read out the label given to me by Lucio/Christian reading 'Do we really need someone on stage pretending to make us think?'
I will state that when I was given this piece of paper, I was aware of the action though ignored the performer while he searched his pocket for his piece to give me. I then fobbed it off to my friend to read out, whilst loudly proclaiming it in my own mind. I had also been struck by the negative psychology of it - Should I read this out and inform the audience that the performers had planned it all along, and in doing so, accentuate it in their minds, or shall I leave them to wonder the performance's relevance to themselves. Whatever, there were enough elements to the performance to make it a little confusing. I haven't quite sussed it all in my head, yet. The longevity of it perhaps making it all the more successful.

I also want to add someone commenting on his depression at the poor audience answers in the show by Diego, Jean-Luc and Seijiro. Most of those selected randomly with a microphone became unwilling to pause, to compose, to answer with a notion of what they really felt or thought. This experimental festival Instal, by its nature should have audience's expectant of their active engagement, their boundaries impermanent, constantly questioning rather than taking it in passively, not to answer impulsively 'no' to the question 'Do you know what improvisation means?' Audience members were instead rendered nervous high school students unwilling to proffer an answer that illuminated their ignorance publicly. However, this festival is all about the beautiful mistake, the willingness to make oneself feel uncomfortable for progressive enlightenment, it's about identifying what boundaries there might be, and then crossing them, and above all, surely its about the fun of discovery?

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