Friday, 5 November 2010

Remember Remember people. Remember Remember.

North American War
iPod Drawing
Remember Remember
Paper Drawing

Tonight was the EP Launch of renowned multi-instrumentalist and all out music geenyus Graeme Ronald who's birthday it was today, of all days. Cue 'Non-fiery-but-almost-as-equally-fun-firework-stage-set-design by Robbie, Jack and Judd (was also Jack's birthday too). Apologies if I've got one of the artist's name wrong. Judd did the owl on the tree, and the other two did the amazing gadgetry/rest of the wizardry stuff.

Supported by North American War fronted by the sinister yet sultry Anna.

The music by Graeme and his highly skilled troup were on fire themselves. Bloody brilliant. That's all I'm going to say. Oh, and 'Epic'. Okay, that will do now. You'll just have to see RR live yourself if you haven't managed already. Also check out their great video 'Imagining Things' by Gregor Barclay.

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