Monday, 25 October 2010

Happy Birthday! The List's 25th Birthday Party

The List has been an indispensable publication regards finding out about things enjoyable, entertaining and enlightening in Scotland and beyond (up until The Skinny came along!). Friday night was it's quarter century birthday.

Fantastic Line-Up, a 'Loud Room' with Come On Gang (First experience of them - Excellent and fun!) King Creosote, Errors - as well as - curated by upcoming publishing company Cargo,
a 'Quiet Room', which got less so as the night progressed.
So attached above are a couple of 'mobile phone' drawings, one of the acerbically talented Malcolm Middleton playing beautiful instrumentals with an occasional teasing amount of lyrics as his latest guise 'Human Don't Be Angry', with the other drawing of Alasdair Roberts legendary self.

This was a night off for me however, so I was merely there to observe and listen, not to draw. It was difficult though, and my lack of drawing distracted my attention.

Bear in mind these drawings are less than half the size when I'm actually drawing them. Disadvantage to Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is that it doesn't zoom like Brushes or Sketchbook Pro on your iPod/iPhone/iPad can. You just get what you see though it makes for some interesting stylistic mark making. (These particular pictures were lots of fun to make!) I can admit that. I will.

Sounded like a great line-up of DJs/dance music from the likes of JG Wilkes, Kris Wasabi, Joe Howe and the Pretty Ugly DJs, though I'll be honest, I missed most of them. Also missed Den Haan as spent most of the night in the 'literary' room where I saw the very lovely and superliciously talented Anneliese Mackintosh, RM Hubbert, playing a really heartfelt performance, as well as the young and gifted Allan Wilson who was selected for the very exciting new collection/book from Cargo Publishing - 'The Year of Open Doors'.

Left around 2.15am after the totally magic Graeme Ronald of Remember Remember, his many gadjets, gismos, pedals and guitar, not discounting his can of Iron-Bru. (Also, I swear to god, he has a pedal like the one from the spaceship in Flight of the Navigator, I kid you not!) I can't WAIT for his album launch coming up at Stereo on 5th of November (Remember Remember Kids, Remember Remember.) It will be AMAZING.

I wonder how Hidden Doors went during the weekend. I hate not being able to be in two places, or even 3 at one time, but a girl's got to do, what a girl's got to do. I also missed Ballboy, The Just Joans and The Bobby McGees as part of Edinburgh's Popfest. Grrrr.

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