Sunday, 27 February 2011

MusiCircus and Mondo Morricone

A layered drawing of the multitudinously talented and colourful MusiCircus Tag Team orchestrated by the wonderful Matt Ev and his beautiful assistant Stewart Smith :) One of the many inspiring, engaging, participative, wonderful and fun music happenings taking place throughout the second MusiCircus event curated by the marvellous Rosemary James.

A favourite picture of a favourite day - singing, dancing, drawing, drinking beer, eating great food, experiencing different types of music in different ways, all on a sunny spring day with good friends that turned into a lovely evening. One of those all time amazing times that have more than fully engaged all my senses. Brilliant, and thanks.

After all the above at MusiCircus I then went for a great curry at Banana Leaf just up the road from Tramway, before getting the train to the Arches for Mondo Morricone, where criminally, RM Hubbert was playing a beautiful gig in the adjacent arch to Mondo Morricone where I was also having some drawing fun. The only non positive point to the entire day, was not being able to be split into two folk, to enjoy both evening concerts. But I will see RM Hubbert play again. Mondo Morricone was a one off. Drawings to come soon, soon.

So after Billy Bragg buying my picture of him from last week's gig, drawing Efterklang on Thursday, Goblin on Friday, MusiCircus and Mondo Morricone yesterday amidst good wholesome Spring sunshine, tonight I'm off for some raucous fun courtesy of the John Knox Sex Club. It's been the best week in yonks.

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