Monday, 11 April 2011

Catchup - Mogwai and RM Hubbert, Stockholm

One man and his accoustic guitar, speaking with a Weegie accent in between intricately beautiful flamenco based instrumentals before the anticipated noise onslaught of Mogwai, captivates and beguiles the Stockholm audience. Known for their lack of emotion, my Swedish chap remarks in admiration at how Hubbert moves them to applause his candid intimations on his chronic depression and the tragic incidents which fuel his music. No mean feat from a very warm, humble, highly talented and deserving chap.

Mogwai, featuring the many pedals and various stances/trainers of Stuart Braithwaite, as well as two appearances of Dominic Aitchison and 1 and a half of Barry Burns :)
There is little room for error from a Mogwai set so it was a tickle to witness somebody's pedal having a moment. Cue Stuart - 'Mass Hypnosis - The last 30 seconds did not take place - the future starts from 'now''.
I adore 'flaws'. Makes me engage with live performances by such highly creative humans much more. Neither do I see them as 'flaws' more as 'chance' or 'opportunity'.

This is possibly one of my favourite belongings, nay 'gifts' this year.
The colour, statement and subject hold a lot of significance for me.
I normally am termed 'photo' instead of 'band artist'. Bliss.
It is now in pride of place on my iPad cover.

Like I mentioned before, I will be spending a lot of time in Stockholm for the foreseeable future, so it was a real pleasure to see/hear, draw and meet Mogwai and RM Hubbert playing a sold out show. They played at the very nice Debaser Medis - great place, great sound, great location.

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