Thursday, 7 April 2011


The drawings from Born To Be Wide's 'Wide Days'. The other drawings will make their way on here one way or another, in their own good time, like all good things.

Wide Days - Making Touring Pay
with Robert Hicks(Rockness co-founder and tour promoter), Jason Edwards (booking agent, 13 Artists), Michael Lambert (Moderator/Manager/Musician), Keren McKean (Music Manager), Caroline Winn (General Manager, Hebrides Ensemble)

You can tell this is my first iPad sketch of the day where the time limit has escaped me - I was also writing screeds down on a seperate sketch book. Hopefully you can see that my method improves throughout the day :)

Wide Days - Write a Killer Bio - with Neil Cooper

Wide Days - Not Just SXSW
with David Balfour (Fine Tunes/Records of the Day), Shaun Arnold (goNorth), Olaf Furniss (BTBW/Moderator), Richard Caesar (Un-Convention), Allan McGowan (Conference Consultant)

Wide Days - Making Money with PPL - with Dan Millington

Wide Days - Digital DIY vs Record Labels
with Stewart Henderson (Chemikal Underground), Matthew Young (Song By Toad), Olaf Furniss (BTBW/Moderator), Scott Cohen (Manager/The Orchard), David Balfour (Fine Tunes/Records of the Day).

Wide Days - Online Promotion with Inner Ear's Dougal Perman and Andy McGolgan

Wide Days - Music in Films
with Caroline Gorman (Rage Music), Eleanor Yule (Film Director), Vic Galloway (BBC Radio Presenter/Moderator), Malcolm Lindsay (Composer), Huw Williams (Soundtrack Film Festival)

Wide Days - Music Making Money with Scott Cohen

Keynote - Olaf Furniss (BTBW) in conversation with Barry Wright (Co-Founder Regular Music)

Excellent reviews of the day, which are much more informative, can be found at Peenko, Popcop and IsThisMusic?

Well it's been quite a day.

I feel washed out. 5 hours sleep and up at 6.30am feeling quite chirpy, sun shining. Nipped off to Edinburgh with my packed lunch, portfolio and drawing materials, and proceeded to draw the fantastic BTBW Wide Days music industry event on my iPad between 10am-6.30pm, train ride back to Glasgow, then drawing the album launch of Take A Worm For A Walk Week from 9pm-11.40pm.

Have just got back into my room, it's 1.27am, and I think I'm going to hit the hay.
But not before I mentioned my iPad learning curve documenting BTBW, my upcoming commission to draw a wedding, the backlog of 30 or so drawings I need to scan and upload to the blog (because I certainly haven't been idle since you last heard from me, simply that I've been a bit overwhelmed with work), the 2nd Children's book that I'm working on, and the fact that I'm decanting my room/workspace to move to Stockholm - an adventure I've finally accepted the challenge of. :)

With that, I leave you. Goodnight.


Roy Blumenthal said...

Wow! Terrific visual facilitation pictures! Saw your post on the linked in forum.

If this is your calling card, you're gonna get loads of work.

What software are you using on your iPad? Your visual style is delicious. And the execution is beaut.

Jenny Soep said...

Cheers Roy, much appreciated. I'm also very intrigued by the visual facilitation idea. I really fancy giving it a go. Just wondering if what I would create would be useful enough. :)

Allison Crow Flanigin said...

Got here from LinkedIn, to...and the first thing I said was WOW..your style is really pulls me in.". Like Roy will get lots of work with this...

The details Inspire!