Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Just had to post this! PORTISHEAD MIXTAPE!

Hej! fran Stockholm where I'm currently hanging out.

Something to cheer you all up if you've been wearing wellies for the past month - this magnificent play list by the those indubitably inspirational and quite amazing Portishead along with ATP.

It's a free playlist compiled of some of the hugely amazing great and the good who will be playing their (indoor!) weekend festival on the 23rd/24th July this year. If you haven't already got your weekend ticket, there are day tickets left and I would thoroughly recommend getting hold of one. This weekend would blow your mind.

But you should also get a ticket for the Flaming Lips performance of Soft Bullet which will be playing on July 1st. More details here - http://www.atpfestival.com/events/flaminglipsbulletin.php including being supported by Dinosaur Junior and Deerhoof - why would you pass this up people???

If you want to get tickets to both events and also do something charitable, go to the ATP fundraiser for the lovely London Alexandra Palace.

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