Monday, 16 January 2012

New Year? Already? Of course it is :)

Välkommen. Nice to see you. Come in and warm your tootsies. There's snow here in Stockholm at the moment, which makes it look very pretty where I am at the moment. We've got a lilly that's got four white flowering heads on it, as well as it being allowed to still have the Christmas star lantern up so there's a lot of white and light. Today I drew the lillies lit by candlelight while it snowed outside. Felt quite magical. The candle has been burning all day in here, which has been lovely and heart warming. I've never let it do that normally, but today, a 'monday in January' it felt really great to do, so... I quite like the drawing too.

Saturday was Swedish Radio/Stockholm's Art's Birthday Party, a fantastic and hugely inspiring digital music and sound art festival. There were so many acts to witness, and I only scratched the surface. I will be keeping my wish list and following the other artists up whenever they're in a country that I too am in. :) You can see the drawings, and possibly some animated/timelapses of them too on my Facebook page - Jenny Soep/Drawing The Experience

I'll be drawing at RM Hubbert's Album Launch on Friday the 27th of January next week at Stereo, Glasgow. It's going to be a really lovely and exciting night with a whole plethora of the great and good musicians in/from Scotland.  It's going to be the only time you'll ever see his album played live.  I would thoroughly recommend you buy a ticket if you have not already. The mere fact that the fantastic Tattie Toes are supporting should be reason enough.

I shall also be part of a three person installation/trio on the 3rd of March (6pm) at the Arches, Glasgow as part of the Sound Thought Festival.  It's a continuation of the audio/visual improvised duet I created with the experimental musician Jer Reid, as well as an improvised music/dance duet he created with Monicca Deioanni as part of his Wintercycle project last year. Which was magical incidentally. A month worth of duets with lots of different and exciting musicians, dancers etc. So if you fancy seeing some live projected drawing, dancing and music making - all improvised and in response to each other - then come on down. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

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