Friday, 20 January 2012

Sound Thought, Wintercyle and Beyond

Good to see we're up already on Sound Thought. Quite excited about the improvised collaboration (a trio) between myself, experimental musician Jer Reid and dancer Monica Deioanni. A development/continuation of the beautiful and epic project of separate duets over a one month period last winter by Jer Reid called Wintercyle Look it up. 
Our performance at the Sound Thought festival, The Arches, Glasgow, is Saturday 3rd March, 6pm.  See, hear, sense you there. :)
First Wintercycle drawing (Computer/Wacom Tablet combo with improvised monologue) from Audio/Visual Duet with Jer Reid - 'Christmas/Family/A Sense of Place'
Second Wintercycle drawing (Watercolour and Pencil, with accompanying improvised monologue) from Audio/Visual Duet with Jer Reid - 'Method/Experience'
Finally (for now) - I will be part of a charity event for Women's International Day on Thursday 8th of March, I will be having an exhibition and auction, at least one workshop in collaboration with Therapeutic Theatre and most probably some live drawing at the Women's International Day at the Old Hairdressers, Renfield Lane, Glasgow. This will be a culmination of a year of quite incredible, inspiring and beautiful events called Loop, and Loop De Loop, created by and (at least two) in partnership with Garterstitch.  50% of the money from drawings auctioned off will go towards the five wonderful women's charities that Garterstitch have been contributing towards since the first event last year. You really should read about what they managed, but just to give you a little idea of the massiveness of it, they collected nearly 20 million stitches of knitting from around the world. And put on a one day event, in one location, covered in aforementioned knitting, with 100 live events. Go now - 'read all about it!'.
Women's International Day 2012, 8th March, The Old Hairdressers, Renfield Lane, Glasgow.  Check out the Garterstitch website for details and updates.

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