Friday, 20 November 2009

Drawing Elph Drawing - Secret Wars

Elph is a pretty cool dude. I've seen his art/streetwork around Edinburgh, I've seen it around Glasgow, have I seen it in Dundee? I don't know. But it's lovely stuff. I'd like to hate him and pretend he's crap, but the truth of it is, I watched him drawing tonight, and he's pretty great -he's got a bloody lovely drawing line! Such ease at drawing. Such imagination. Such lucid translation from mind to hand to 'canvas'. I loved his stuff at the Portrait Gallery as part of Rough Cut Nation, and apparently there was another (few) cool expo(s) before that I didn't know about according to a nice chap who collaborates with him sometimes.
Anyway, enough chit-chat. Here's the drawing I did of Elph drawing his really cool drawing.
Stick that in Magritte's pipe and smoke it.
Elph's blog -

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capitano jings said...

Hello Jenny, meant to get back sooner, cheeers for doing the drawing, I wish I was that fast!
Really like your linework it rules! All the best the noo.